2000 mg CBD Soft Gel Capsules from Organic Secrets UK Ltd

August's Featured Product!

The advantage of a capsule is that

🌿 you always know EXACTLY how much CBD you're taking

 🌿 they're easy to swallow - our capsules are the size of a small bead

 🌿 they don't taste like oil!!!!

It's such a convenient and cost-effective way of taking your CBD. 80 x 25mg CBD capsules is just £55.00

That's just 69p per 25mg CBD!

Vickie Battersby & Marchia Ogden, directors of Organic Secrets CBD, with Audrey the Plant

You Can Trust Us!

Hi, We're a UK-based mother & daughter - Marchia & Vickie. In 2018, when we first started buying CBD for our families, everyone had an opinion! From John down the pub, telling us its illegal, to friends who hadn't even tried it, advising that it doesn't do anything!

But we ignored them, did our own research, tried it ....and the rest is history! We wanted to spread the word.

We launched Organic Secrets UK Ltd in June 2019.

If you're 'on the fence', or just confused about CBD, we want you to be assured that we've been there too.

So if you need any reassurance, just drop us an email to hello@organicsecrets.co.uk

Thanks for being here!

Best wishes,

Marchia Ogden & Vickie Battersby

(& Audrey Plant 🌿 - our newest member of event staff!!)

We Want You To Try CBD For Yourselves!

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