How Do I Take CBD


How Do I Take CBD?

There's no prescribed serving for CBD as everyone is different.

Factors such as your size, metabolism and general health will play a part inhow much CBD works for you.

Most people like to start fairly small, with around 10-15mg per serving and work up to the optimum amount for you and your needs, but feel free to experiment until you get it right for YOU.  Play around with the amount, the time of day you take it and how often you take it.

Points to bear in mind:

it would be difficult to overdose on CBD, it is generally very well-tolerated and side-effects from CBD products are very few and far between.


The most popular method of taking a CBD supplement is as an oil.

Whether it's in a dropper/pipette or in a spray bottle, you should aim the oil under your tongue and let it absorb into your system.

It's best to take oil after eating for maximum absorption.

Try not to eat or drink for a few minutes afterwards.

CBD Oil can enter your system in as little as 20 minutes but it may take longer.

Obviously from a dropper or spray, it's harder to administer an exact amount of oil.

For example in our 10ml bottles which contain approximately 200 drops of oil.

4 drops of 250mg oil gives 5mg CBD

4 drops of 500mg oil gives 10mg CBD

4 drops of 1000mg oil gives 20mg CBD

And in our 10ml CBD spray bottles, there are approximately 60-65 sprays, delivering around 12-15mg CBD in each

Click here to view a more detailed blog post, including a downloadable serving  size chart for oil droppers.


Whether it's a brownie, a drink, jellies, capsules, oil added to your own food & drink, CBD edibles will take longer to reach your system as they have to be digested first.

So allow up to an hour for the CBD to take effect.

The main advantage of CBD jellies/gummies/capsules/brownies or canned drinks is that you know EXACTLY how much CBD you are taking, whereas with oils and skincare, it's more of a calculated guess.

 Again, experiment with the amount of CBD and when you take it, to find the right serving for you.


CBD can be absorbed directly through the skin.

As with other forms of CBD, experiment with what works for you and apply our CBD face, hand and body creams & CBD  balms as often as needed.