What does CBD oil taste like?

Does CBD Oil Taste Bad?

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

When visitors to our stand at markets say that they've tasted CBD oil in the past and it was disgustingūü§ģ, I can almost guarantee that their experience was with RAW CBD oil, which is a very dark colour.

However, raw is not your only option. There's a more popular REFINED oil option which is readily available both online and on the high street.

The taste of CBD oil is often described as earthy or grass-like. This taste comes from the natural compounds found in hemp plants, including terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, which contribute to the overall flavor of the oil. The reason CBD oil has a unique taste is due to these natural compounds and the extraction process. Different extraction methods and the presence of these plant compounds can result in variations in taste and aroma.

When asked, I always say that our refined CBD oils taste no worse than say, olive oil.  You wouldn't want to drink a cupful, but it isn't awful!

How Do I Take CBD Oil? 

Dependent on the strength of the oil*, just drop or spray the oil UNDER your tongue and leave it to disappear into your system, without swallowing it.  This is the fastest way into your system and apparently, there are very few tastebuds here! 

If you're still not convinced about taking the refined oil, why not try a flavoured CBD Oil to mask that earthy taste?  

There are several flavoured CBD oils on the market,  but after trying several, our customers preferred the blackcurrant flavour.  Here's a link to full product information about our blackcurrant flavoured CBD oil.  It's infused with the natural flavour of blackcurrant, which makes taking your CBD oil a more pleasant experience! (And it's our best-selling CBD oil!)

Obviously individual tastes can vary widely, so what one person finds tolerable or even pleasant, another person might find unpleasant. If you're experiencing an unusual taste from your CBD oil, it could be due to factors such as the specific brand, extraction method, or added ingredients.

Other Ways of Taking CBD

For some, it's the idea of having the oil in your mouth that's the concern - not necessarily the taste of the CBD oil.  So if you're really not keen on the idea of taking plain or flavoured CBD oil, you might consider  exploring other CBD edible products, such as capsules, jellies, gummies, brownies or drinks. then it'll be unlikely that you'll taste the CBD at all!

Also, consider topical applications - there are many balms, serums and creams available.

Is CBD legal in the UK?

CBD is legal in the UK but do make sure that you're purchasing CBD products from reputable companies.  Check the brand's website for access to Lab Reports (CoA).  This will reassure you that the product contains the amount of CBD mentioned on the label and that it contains less than 0.2% THC, which is the cannabinoid responsible for the highs and addiction associated with Cannabis.

(*= if you want to know more about CBD oil strength, check out this blogpost - "How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?"

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