CBD Skincare & Topicals FAQs - Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Skincare and Topicals

What is CBD Skin Care?

CBD Skin Care and beauty products cover a range of products and make the perfect choice to tackle a wide range of skin issues.  These include face creams, hand and body creams, muscle rubs and bath bombs. Applying CBD to your skin gives you the targeted benefits of CBD, exactly where you need it. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, many CBD users prefer massage balms to provide a direct and easy-to-apply option for pain relief.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil In Skin Care?

Applying CBD directly to the skin is simple and fits easily into your daily routine.  CBD skincare products give the benefit of targeted delivery exactly where it is needed and are helping users with conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

How Do I Include CBD In My Beauty Routine?

You don’t need to add products to your beauty regime – simply swap out your regular face, body and hand cream products for those containing CBD.  For sensitive skin, try adding a few drops of CBD Oil to your regular cream.

Do CBD Skin Care Products Get You High?

No, like all our CBD products, oour CBD skin care products cannot get you high. CBD has no psychoactive properties whatsoever, instead that relief comes from an entirely physical interaction. To be legal, our range cannot contain THC, and it is this cannabinoid that produces a high.

Do CBD Skin Care Products Work?

Yes! We use the same high-quality CBD Oils in our skincare range.   CBD skincare is easy to apply and allows the CBD to  be absorbed topically into the body, directly where it’s needed.