CBD Edible FAQs - Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Edibles

What Are CBD Gummies and CBD Jellies?

Our CBD Jellies are similar to CBD Gummies, in that they both consist of CBD paired with a the great taste of a delicious sweet!    As already mentioned, CBD edibles need to be digested, so will take longer for the CBD to take effect.  However,our vegan-friendly CBD jellies and gummies are preferred by some users as they provide a convenient, delicious and exact dose of CBD.  They are the perfect choice for anyone new to taking CBD.

 What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD Capsules or SoftGels look like a cod liver oil capsule.  They deliver CBD oil in a measured dose, but in a small bead-sized capsule, which makes them the method of choice for many of our customers.  If you’re Vegetarian or Vegan, unfortunately these are not suitable for you – please take a look at the CBD oils and CBD Jellies.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Gummies, Jellies and Capsules To Work?

CBD gummies are edibles, meaning that they need to pass through the digestive system before taking effect – so usually  between 30 minutes and a couple of hours. .This means that it takes longer for the effects of a CBD gummy to take effect, anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours in most cases.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

The number of gummies or jellies you need to take in a single dose may be dependent on several factors.  These can include your metabolism, your body weight, your diet and wellness regime There is always a guide on the label to start you off in finding the right dose for you.

Do You Sell Vegan CBD Gummies?

Yes we do! Respecting your ethics and dietary preferences, our Organic Secrets 25mg and 10mg CBD Jellies are vegan-friendly, allergy free and made with natural fruit flavours.  They are available in single jars of 30 or in a bundle of 3 jars.

Are Your CBD Jellies Halal and/or Kosher?

Yes, our CBD Jellies can be considered both Halal and Kosher.  THC is the characteristic of cannabis which alters or ‘curtains’ the mind as defined by Islamic law, therefore with only trace THC, our jellies can be considered Halal.  You can be assured that these CBD Jellies do not contain gelatin, and are therefore considered Kosher.

How Long Do CBD Brownies Last?

We bake our brownies to order, and send them out by Royal Mail Tracked 24, so you can rest assured that they will arrive with you at their peak deliciousness!  If you don’t eat them all in one day (!) just place the brownies in an air-tight container, and they should stay fresh for up to 10 days from date of posting. Our brownies are not suitable for vegans.

Do CBD Drinks Work?

Many CBD users love to take their dose of CBD in the form of a drink – either regularly or as an occasional treat.  The CBD takes effect in the same way as with other edibles and CBD drinks are often consumed as an alternative to alcohol. 

Our Little Rick drinks are very low in calories and contain a reassuring 32mg of CBD per 330ml can. It’s another delicious way of taking a measured, reasonable dose of CBD as an edible