About Us

Everyone Deserves To Live Their Best Life

Using our products is not a way to cure disease.  It’s just a choice to work on improving your quality of life, and working together with your medical care team to the symptoms of both physical and mind-related ailments including skin conditions, pain relief and anxiety.


About Organic Secrets UK Ltd

Organic Secrets UK Ltd’s range of products aims to help you to give everyone in your family the opportunity to live their best life, whether you’re searching for solutions from  skin conditions, to anxiety,  to pain relief.

The company was launched by us, Marchia Ogden and Vickie Battersby.  We are a mother & daughter team who want only the best for our families.  In pursuit of this desire, we have become acutely aware of the dangers of relying on pharmaceutical drugs to solve every problem, whilst believing that there is a natural cure to match any physical and mental condition.

Our quest brought us to the increasing popularity of CBD products.  And for good reason – it does actually work with astounding results.   Vickie herself has had on-going shoulder pain for many months. A CBD supplement took away the pain within one day.  She now takes it whenever needed.  An adult member of our family who suffers with anxiety showed favourable results very soon after taking CBD and the effects were even noticeable to himself!  After a severe scalding accident, a 6 year-old member of our family was given one supplement , which within 30 minutes took away the pain and allowed him to function normally for the rest of the day (of course the wound was still sore to touch, but the ongoing pain and discomfort had gone.)

In the UK, we are understandably wary of using CBD.  Everyone knows that it is derived from the Cannabis plant.  However what many people don’t take on board before dismissing the product as ‘illegal’ and ‘addictive’, is that CBD is cannabidol -  the non-psychoactive constituent of cannabis.  The products that are legally for sale contain cannabidol.   The psychoactive element of cannabis is called THC.  Both CBD and THC are classed as cannabinoids – constituents of cannabis and hemp.

Before launching Organic Secrets UK Ltd, we researched the cannabinoid market thoroughly, and  we are confident that our CBD products are not only ethical, legal and the best quality on the market.

(In fact if you opt for the Canabidol  range of products,  you the consumer have access to the lab report of every product you purchase.)

We’re also including premium quality vitamins and mineral supplements to the range.  Again as a result of our own personal experience or after investigation into user benefits.

*=  legally, full spectrum cannabinoid products may contain up to 0.03% THC)