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vickie battersby


My absolute, can’t live without product is our CBD oil.
I first started using CBD for pain relief for an ongoing
shoulder pain that on days really inhibited my work and sleep.
Of course, on those days I took the usual over the counter
pain relief but I didn’t want to rely on it every day… we’ve all heard how you
can become dependent on these types of pain relief and I really didn’t want
that to happen.
I tried some of a relative’s CBD and went off to work. I
realised an hour later that I hadn’t even thought about my shoulder since
taking it. My pain was such a numb constant pain that this was really unusual!!
Of course, like you now I thought it was a coincidence! So, I carried on taking
it for the next few days and I can honestly say my pain had gone.
It was at this time that I really started to look into the
different benefits of CBD, I’d heard in the news about it, but only really in
relation to chronic, terminal illness pain.
Now I use it all the time, for EVERYTHING!
I only take it orally every few days now, my pain has gone and
I only take it when I feel like I need it. I add a few drops into my day and
night cream and my daughter does the same to help treat her teenage acne.
While on holiday both my children spent too much time in the
pool on our last day and burnt their faces. That night I smoothed a few drops
onto their skin and no surprise but their faces weren’t red in the morning…..
but their shoulders still were.
It’s such a versatile product that I can’t see myself ever being
without it now. As I say I don’t rely on it for pain relief daily any more but
it’s there if I need it, and being a mum of two there’s always a reason to use
(This is my own personal experience, your results may differ)

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