organic secrets cbd is available at events and markets as well as online

Exposing ourselves in the market-place.  (Ooh er...🙈😳)

I love manning a stand at an exhibition or a stall at a craft fair.  I know, I know, it makes some people squirm in horror if they’re asked to do that, but I love it.

Vickie & I had considered craft fairs and local ‘farmers’ type markets as a possibility for Organic Secrets’ products, but it was only when we started to get some love for our CBD brownies that we thought that maybe they deserve their own spot in the limelight.

Great idea💡.  We can offer tastings – the best way to share our luscious, home-made creations. And it would be an opportunity to sell them individually, rather than in a box of 8.

Just one small problem.  We were in the middle of the Coronavirus lockdown.  Knowing that events and tastings would be a great way forward, and of course assuming that lockdown won’t be forever 😨, we planned ahead - getting a gazebo, branded uniform and stand dressing organised.  When the restrictions eased a little we found a couple of little local events that fitted the bill. 

We didn’t have great hopes.  The events were small and social distancing was in operation, but we thought it’d be a start.  And it was!!  I manned the stand and had a lovely time talking to my fellow-exhibitors as well as meeting visitors.  The reaction to our brownie tasting was amazing!  We sold out on each occasion and were delighted with the response to the tastings.  (Just FYI, salted caramel was the most popular🏆 🤩…).  All good we thought … then we were plunged into Tier 4 and after Christmas, like the rest of the UK, lockdown loomed again.

Like you, we can’t wait for restrictions to be eased.  We want to be able to share the scrumptiousness of our brownies in person.  

Here’s where I’d like to ask for your help. I’m building up an events calendar - and have a question for you.  With our delicious range of CBD Brownies in mind, if you have any suggestions for established events near you that we can investigate, I’d be grateful if you’d email the name of the event, the region and if you know them, the contact details for the organiser.  My address is

We’re based in the north-west of England, but I don’t mind a little day trip out – once it’s allowed of course.🚗

If you’re wondering what the fuss is about, you can see here

We appreciate your support so much.

Stay safe and healthy.

Marchia xx