CBD - some common misconceptions

CBD | Some Common Misconceptions🌿 ⛔

With lots of markets under our belt, I have to say it’s been really encouraging to meet customers face-to-face and hear your stories about how CBD has helped or is helping you, your family and friends.  It’s also nice to be able to clear up any confusion around this amazing natural supplement.

Common Misunderstandings

The laws & rules around CBD are restrictive. We’re not permitted to make medical claims about the efficacy of CBD for any particular condition, but you only need to speak friends or research online to discover the anecdotal evidence surrounding its potential.

It’s so frustrating for us and for the industry as a whole. Why are alcoholic drinks – made with a known addictive, poisonous, psycho-active drug, (with no beneficial qualities at all),  readily available to buy in huge quantities along with your groceries; but CBD, a natural plant supplement with known health benefits, is regarded with suspicion and cynicism even though it isn’t addictive, poisonous or psycho-active? 

OOOhhhhhh don’t get me started on this!  Back to the script …

Visitors to our stand often report that if you don't know which product would be best for you, buying from a high street store is confusing as the staff can be unsure about it, sometimes stating  that “it's illegal,  so we’re not allowed to advise you” and “yes, it’s next to the hemp seed oil because it’s the same thing”.  Neither of which is true at all.  

So I thought it might be useful for me to share some of the most common thoughts and misconceptions I hear.

CBD is illegal. 

No, it really isn’t.  I’d be in prison, not selling it online or on a public market! It's the cannabinoid THC that's illegal - the part of cannabis that gets you high.  CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is a different cannabinoid. So the products you see in well-known shops and stores, and from reputable online companies (like us at Organic Secrets UK Ltd!) have passed lab tests which confirm that the levels of CBD present match what the label says, and that any level of THC is less than 0.2%. Ours, like most trustworthy brands have levels of 0% (trace). These lab reports should be accessible to you the customer, via the CBD brand’s website. 

I won't be able to drive after taking CBD

CBD will not affect your ability to drive or operate machinery.

I've bought Hemp Seed Oil, it’s the same thing as CBD Oil, but cheaper!

Yes it is cheaper.  For a reason.  Hemp Seed Oil can be an effective dietary supplement, and has been used successfully in beauty products for a long time - but it isn’t CBD.  Both are from different parts of the same plant, Hemp Seed Oil being from the seeds (obviously) and CBD being taken from the Hemp flowers, leaves & stems.  Check the product label - if it does contain CBD, the amount should be shown as a percentage or in milligrams.  

CBD is too expensive

Compared to what?  It has the potential to change your quality of life.  So see what CBD can do for you by starting with a low strength such as our 250mg oil, or take gummies or jellies containing 10mg each.  These don’t break the bank and will allow you to experiment with how much CBD produces a result for you.  

I took CBD and it didn't work

Even if we were both taking CBD for the same reason, the serving size that works for me wouldn't necessarily work for you.  We're all individuals. It’s not a prescriptive remedy.  Everyone is different and everyone’s need to try CBD is different.  It has the potential to help re-balance any mental or physical health ‘lack’ in your body, but you need to be prepared to experiment with when you take it, how you take it and how much you take.


So if your mind's made up and you’ve dismissed the possibility of it being able to improve your quality of life, do give it some more thought.  I urge you to do some research that's relevant to what CBD could do for YOU, rather than basing your beliefs on what it has or hasn't done for your friend or neighbour.

🌿Vickie & I love to share the potential of CBD – that’s why we launched Organic Secrets UK Ltd in June 2019.  Of course we’d love you to take a look around our online shop, but please also keep your eye on our Events List.  🙋‍♀️ I'd love to meet you at one of the markets! 

Hope to see  you soon

Marchia x


this blog post has been edited and updated.  It was originally published in  September 2021 under the title 'My Mind's Made Up'