What is hemp for, what does hemp do?

CBD and Hemp | What Use is Hemp? What Does It Do?

thought I'd share a handful of facts about your CBD and hemp - the plant it comes from.  As you will no doubt know, both hemp and marijuana are strains of Cannabis.

Hemp is the strain of Cannabis that's used to make your CBD products.

Back in the 1900s, the many other uses of hemp threatened the development of the oil, paper, pharmaceutical and pesticide industries.  So the big names of those industries worked together to successfully blacken the reputation of hemp. Today it's often regarded only as a psycho-active, addictive drug.

What Use Is Hemp? What does it do?

We're familiar with hemp seeds being used in the beauty and health industries, but here's some interesting information about the whole hemp plant:

  • Hemp has more CBD than THC and marijuana has more THC than CBD

  • Hemp plants are incredibly environmentally friendly. As well as being able to absorb vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they can also absorb heavy metals and pollutants from the soil around them.
  • One hectare of hemp can produce the same amount of paper as 4 hectares of trees and produce oxygen equal to 25 hectares of forest.

  • Hemp is tough, and  in the 16th Century, was an important commodity in the UK as it was used to make ship sails and rigging.  In fact, at one point in history, the UK government required all farmers to grow hemp in an attempt to meet demand.
  • Sustainable textiles, ropes, shoelaces, handbags, shoes and hats can all be produced from hemp - the CAN in Canvas came from the material being made originally from cannabis.
  • 'Plastic' type products can be made from hemp and returned to nature
  • Hemp fibres can produce a strong, durable, cheap and flexible building and insulation material called Hempcrete
  • There are some countries and certain states of the USA where cannabis and hemp policies have been re-evaluated, leading to decriminalisation, medical legalisation, or even full legalisation in some places.
So with these facts and the history of hemp in mind, it's easy to see that over the years, this plant has received a very bad press, in order to manipulate how we view it and cannabis in general.