Cannabis the whole plant.  As explained in Kim Sarson's book Midlife Magic

Cannabis - The Whole Plant. What You Should Know

Cannabis, the whole plant. What you need to know

I want to tell you about my friend Kim.

(Ooh I was so tempted to say "I'm looking for my friend Kimberley. 'Ave you seen 'er?" 😂 😂 If you know, you know ...... )

Anyway, I first met Kim Sarsons when I interviewed her for a podcast in the early Covid days - what an amazing lady! She's a qualified Cannabis Wellness Coach over in Canada - where it's legal ,and has recently published an eye-opening book about her journey with the plant.

Although it's aimed at women in mid-life, I urge everyone to read this book. There's so much in there about the history of Cannabis and its use over time.

If you were in any doubt about what this amazing plant and its compounds can do - (particularly CBD), by the time you've finished this book, you'll be furious that we've been denied access to it for so long.

Available on Kindle or in Paperback.