cartoon CBD Brownies, naughty but nice!

CBD Brownies - Naughty But Nice | Your Guilty Secret?

These delicious but naughty cakes do actually contain SOME goodness, in the form of Organic Secrets CBD Oil.

It's a great alternative way of taking a measured dose of CBD Oil.

Now If you live around the Wigan area, you might already know that Vickie is an established baker and decorator of amazing cakes. She is also my daughter and co-director of Organic Secrets. Like me, she wants to spread the word about the significance of CBD in family healthcare for improved physical or mental well-being.

So what better way to do it than through CAKE! With the CBD added, it becomes an essential part of your diet!! It doesn't have to be a GUILTY secret!!!

Like most supplements, how quickly you feel the benefits from taking CBD Oil will vary from person to person and will be dependant on how much you take and what result you're after. Oil taken under the tongue will be ingested the quickest - sometimes as fast as within 20 minutes. But if you don't like the taste of the oil and prefer to eat cake (who doesn't😁?) then it may take a little longer as the CBD needs to be digested rather than entering the bloodstream directly.

We've priced our CBD-infused Brownies very competitively.

For us, it's not about charging the highest price possible, it's about getting you to try CBD for yourself and the family. In fact you'd struggle to buy regular home-baked brownies for a similar price! If you see us at outdoor events, you'll be able to buy a single brownie - but for the best value for money, take a look at our boxes of 5 or 10 brownies. Each contains a 20g serving of high-quality Organics Secrets CBD Oil.

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EDIT:  🎉🎉 Organic Secrets CBD Brownie - original choc chip flavour has been voted the BEST CBD EDIBLE at the Cannavist Awards 2021! 🎉🎉