CBD FAQs - Your General Questions Answered


We're more than happy to answer your CBD questions and give further information about our CBD products either in our Website Chat or by email (hello@organicsecrets.co.uk).  However, as we're always out and about talking to our customers at markets, there's a good chance that someone else has asked the same thing and we've answered it in these up-dated CBD FAQ pages. We'll keep amending and adding as we go too.  

For example, on the CBD FAQs page, you'll find guidance around the following questions: What is CBD? How Does CBD Work? What is CBD Oil? What is CBD Used For? Is CBD Oil Legal? Will CBD Cure My Illness or Condition? How Should I Take CBD? How Much CBD Should I Take? Is It Safe To Take CBD? Can I Drive Whilst Using CBD? Will I Get High from taking CBD?  Does CBD Oil Have Side Effects? How Will CBD Make Me Feel? Can You Take CBD Oil & Hemp Oil Together? Is It The Same Thing? What Are CBD Bundles? What Are The Best CBD Bundles?

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